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The More Naturally Healthy Hair products also feature a rich anti-frizz serum that helps to reduce split ends as well as soothe sensitive scalps. It also includes a rich, deep cleansing mask that deeply cleans and conditions, leaving your hair silky soft, and smelling good. The anti-frizz serum and cleanser penetrate deep into the root of your hair, where it helps to restore nutrition to strands, leaving them stronger, shinier, and healthier. The triple stem cell shampoo is a unique formula that promotes all three types of hair: thin, coarse, and silky. The result is ahead of soft, shiny, healthy hair that easily gets cleaned without excess straggling. The all-natural product works to clean and condition hair, leaving it feeling rejuvenated and fully hydrated.

The all-natural product also contains a host of other helpful ingredients such as herbal extracts, shea butter, jojoba oil, macadamia oil, cucumber extract, olive oil, aloe vera, sesame seed, and various other nutrients that promote healthy hair. The rich, stimulating blends of these natural ingredients not only moisturize the scalp and leave hair shinier but help to restore and maintain hair’s natural PH level. This allows the hair to absorb the many other beneficial nutrients better. The result is a noticeable difference in texture and shine and a reduction in frizz and static.