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If you are looking to buy a branded durable PC or laptop, you are at the right place. Yes, at Lenovo, which is the leading personal technologies company in the world? They are continuously innovating to lead themselves in the PC+ era. They also deal in mobile internet devices. Leno is the fourth of all large smartphone companies and the largest of all vendors that deal with PC. This brand came into existence in the year 2004. It got its name Lenovo in the year 2004 by Legend Holdings. Today Lenovo is a US $39 billion company and has more than 54,000 employees in around 60 countries. But it is serving customers in about 160 countries.

Advantages and Services It Provides:

Lenovo has a warranty lookup option on its website through which you can check the warranty status of the product by inputting the product number. It also has a batch warranty lookup option. You can check the repair status also in the website if you have given your failed product for repair. It gives services for business and personal computing. Lenovo has expanded its Think Pad technology, and there are many hybrids in the ThinkPad brand. It also deals in Idea Pad, Smart Phones, Tablets, Smart televisions, and wearable. You can list down the services which would fit your needs from every stage, beginning from financing, deployment, planning, support and protection, and asset recovery.

Management of Lifecycle:

Lenovo has an Asset recovery service or ARS, which mitigates data security risks and environmental risks and associates it with the end-of-life asset disposal. ARS utilizes a single source to solve securely, documented disposition of IT data and assets and certified assets. It can be customized to meet the unique needs of your organization situated anywhere in the world. Additional services are available under request, like onsite and remote discovery, to provide current inventory with an assessment of value, moving and dismantling assets to the onsite pickup area, etc.

About the Discount Offers on the Website:

Our website is a platform where you can buy any of the PC assets at discounted prices. We are also giving Lenovo coupon codes in the products. The Lenovo discount code is there for almost any product while you are checking out from your cart. The Lenovo promo code is to be utilized before the validity period gets over for every customer.